CNE extents its accreditation scope in calibration


CNE has extended its scope of accreditation to include the calibration of infrared thermometers and pyranometers. The extension of accreditation was granted by CYS-CYSAB on the 1st of November 2016.

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CYS-CYSAB Accreditation - Testing

CNE Technology Ltd has completed its accreditation transfer from ACCREDIA (former SINAL) to the national accreditation body CYS-CYSAB. On the 23rd of June 2015 CNE was granted accreditation for its testing laboratory by CYS-CYSAB, signatory of the ILAC-MRA.

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Working with CERN

In May 2014, CNE Technology has been awarded a contract by CERN for the manufacturing of magnets for the SESAME storage ring. The scope of the contract involves the mamanufacturing, assembly and testing of 32 sextupole magnets.

Read the artcle in CERN Accelerationg News

CYS-CYSAB Accreditation


On the 27th of February 2015 CNE Technology Ltd was granted accreditation for its calibration laboratory by the Cyprus Accreditation Body CYS-CYSAB, signatory of the ILAC-MRA. After being accredited for almost 12 years by ACCREDIA (former SIT), this comes as a natural development while respecting the EA Cross Border Accreditation Policy. The new accreditation focuses on better serving our clients and market needs.

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